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Kansas City Athlete Training offers sports development to youth, high school and college athletes via group training classes and personal 1-on-1 sessions.

Quarterback Football Training

Kansas City Athlete Training offers group Quarterback Training with veteran Lead Instructor Coach K Pannell. We know its hard to find quarterback football training for youth and middle school quarterbacks that is affordable yet effective, however we accomplish both via our group Quarterback Football Training here at Kansas City Athlete Training. We also offer more advanced 1-on-1 instruction for high school or athletes looking for more skills training so please contact us if you want more training than what we offer in our group sessions.

MIddle School Sports Performance Training

Our Advanced Speed and Agility 2.0 Class Group Class is for Middle School age athletes in the Greater Kansas City Missouri Metro Area as we have athletes attend from Richmond, Basehor, Overland Park, and St. Joseph. This class is tailored for athletes going into the 5th Grade thru 8th Grade.

Team Rentals

Kansas City Athlete Training is available for rental, during the winter months we have Friday Nights, Saturday Afternoon and Sundays available for rental space

Running Back Football Training

We offer Running Back Classes for youth and middle school athletes and offer Personal 1-on-1 sessions for even more advanced training. We offer class on Wednesday Night which allow for beginners, intermediate and advanced athletes looking to get better at the running back position.

High School Sports Performance Training

Our Elite Sports Performance Speed and Agility 3.0 Class Group Class is for any high school athlete throughout the Kansas City Metro looking to improve and prepare for their varsity sports season.

Defensive Line Training

Defensive Line Football Training focuses on the techniques needed to play an interior defensive line position such as tackle or nose on the football field. We work every class on an athlete's stance then progress to gap alignment and using hands to strike the offensive player. This class is highly recommended for any youth player looking to be successful playing defensive line.

Wide Receiver Training

Wide Receiver Football Training focuses on the techniques needed to play any position that catches the football. This class is highly recommend for all running backs along with wide receivers as this class allows athletes to work on their pass catching techniques and fundamentals. We work every class on an athlete's stance then progress into get offs and using a move to get open. This class is highly recommended for any youth player looking to be successful catching the football on offense.
Kansas City Athlete Training an All Sports Performance Training Facility in the heart of the KC Metro offering sports training for boys and girls both youth and high school athletes in and around Kansas City Missouri

About KC Athlete

Since 2005, Kansas City Athlete Training has offered sports performance training to both male and female athletes youth and high school along with college students throughout the KC Metro. With the start of 2020, our brand new 6,000 square foot indoor and outdoor turf facility will be offering several new group training opportunities via our 5-star rated sports performance training speed and agility training, weightlifting training, football specific group classes, and our all new self-defense mixed martial art training classes. We are centrally located in the heart of Kansas City Missouri which is easily accessible to athletes in Kansas and Missouri. Over the past year our centralized location has attracted athletes from over 100 different elementary and middle schools that feed into over 50 different high schools through the KC Metro..

Why Choose KCAT

Kansas City Athlete Training provides an opportunity for both male and female athletes involved in any sport to achieve a strength and fitness level they never thought possible. It is our job to help them achieve this goal. If they have the desire we have the knowledge and opportunities available in our group and personal training classes to make that possible.

Our instructors will train your son or daughter on the proper way to increase speed, agility, strength, and endurance by using functional training techniques along with coaching proper mechanics. The purpose of this training is to help athletes transfer what they have learned and developed from the gym to the playing field. These classes are recommended for athletes in sports such as baseball, softball, football, basketball, swimming, wrestling, volleyball, track, tennis, golf, soccer, mixed martial arts, cheerleading and any other sport that requires speed, strength and coordination.

Our goal is to teach athletes that your effort is important. Hard Work = Improvement = Success. Give us your best, be consistent, and you will get the results...trust the process. At the end of Speed and Agility Class, we present an Effort Champion belt. Why? Athletes need to learn what effort looks like in the eyes of the coach. Recognizing athletes for their stand-up effort builds confidence. It is not rewarded for being the fastest or the strongest.The Effort Champion is selected by the coaches and awarded to the athlete who worked the hardest, was coachable, demonstrated leadership, and didnít give up.

Our Speed and Agility Class and Elite Training classes are intended to get any athlete in shape for their upcoming sports season and to improve an athlete's speed and agility skills which will in turn prepare them to have a more productive season.

Classes are intended for any athlete (male or female) between the ages of 5 on up as we work with both youth and high school athletes. He or she must be committed to improving their current athletic skills with a willingness to work at a high level of intensity. Our job as instructors is to try and get maximum effort and commitment from our athletes as they get in better shape their confidence grows help them develop into a leader.

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